Creative Movement with

Ms. Gina Ballerina

Dance along with Ms. Gina and Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, the Snow Queen and MORE! Play with Sleeping Beauty and her animals friends, ride with the Snow Queen in her sleigh and pretend to be elephants and kangaroos dancing on a grand stage! All while learning amazing ballet steps such as pliés and chassés!

Creative movement activities that will inspire your child.

Learn basic ballet steps such as first position, plié and relevé.

Play with the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and the Snow Queen!

All activities use classical music from actual ballets and more!

Expand your child's imagination as well as coordination.

Gina's methods are brilliant and her class are absolutely delightful! Her students are so engaged and having so much fun they learn basic dance steps effortlessly. I love that my child is learning so much in a positive and creative environment!

- Sarah

Gina Mayer

Instructor Gina Mayer has been dancing with and inspiring young dancers for 25 years. She loves to watch them grow and gain confidence as they accomplish their goals!

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